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Telling parents?!
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How to tell your parents that you may be or are pregnant...

Ways to tell your parents you’re may OR may not be pregnant:
1. Stay calm
2. Write a letter if you need to
3. Make a plan beforehand
4. If you plan to continue the pregnancy, be specific about the future. Explain how you’ll finish school, provide for the baby, etc.
5. Bring a supportive friend or relative along
6. Tell them first--don’t let them hear it somewhere else
7. If they freak out, leave for a bit and come back later. Hopefully they will have calmed down a little Telling your parents you are pregnant is one of the hardest things you will do. You may feel scared, ashamed, embarrassed, nervous, anxious, or depressed.

*I wrote a letter. (Number 2)... I think this is one of the most commen ways for Teenagers/young-parents-to-be, to tell their parents what has happened, and that there's a baby coming.*

Telling your Parents
Telling your parents that you are going to be a parent as a teenager is one of the top fears of most young mommies and daddies to be.  So, how in the world do you get past this hurdle?  You are most likely scared of there reaction, either there anger or disappointment.  Getting kicked out of the house could even been a fear for some.  
          Hiding your pregnancy is just not a safe or sensible option for you or the baby.  The longer you wait, the harder it will be to explain it all later. 
          What you basically need to do is pick an evening to sit down and talk with your mom, dad (or both) and just come right out with it.  You can say 'Hey, I screwed up but now I understand that I have to deal with the consequences of my actions.  
          If you feel more comfortable then write a letter and ask them to please write back.  No matter what though, give them time.  The chances of them acting overjoyed are slim to none, but once they have time to accept it, they will probably be ok. Remember, that your initial reaction to being pregnant was probably not positive either.  Give your parents that same understanding.
  Chances are they have a lot of hopes and dreams for you and know how hard it will be to achieve those with a family at such a young age.  I strongly encourage you to have the best relationship with your parents and hope that they will help you during this time.  If, however, your parents do kick you out, you want to move out, or you are wanting to get married before you are legally an adult, you should look up current emancipation laws for your state

Source: My own experience(s).