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Here you'll find resources for a 'Reality Check', if you think if you want to become a young parent.

I would like to Thank Robin, who is formly from Reality Works, for all his dedication, in getting me a Baby Think It Over Doll. After I have recieved Hannah, the Baby Think It Over Doll. So far- a lot of people are interested in the doll. It's amazing how many people ask if she is real....when I take her places.... :)
I would ALSO like to Thank Kathy from Reality Works for helping me with ALL she does... I appreciate all her help. :)


What is the Baby Think it Over parenting project? 

It is a unique class project exploring the emotional, social, and financial consequences of parenthood. The project involves an infant simulator (Baby) that will cry randomly day and night. Over a 24 hour period the Baby will cry from five to fifteen times. Each time the Baby cries, the student must insert a care key into the baby's computer (located in the baby's back) to simulate tending (feeding, changing diapers, etc.). The tending time may vary, but will total about two hours each 24 hour period.
An internal computer keeps track of any lack of care or abuse. It records any abuse, which includes rough handling, dropping or hitting. After one of those episodes the baby will cry for a period of time and cannot be stopped.
It records the number of minutes the Baby was not tended after it began to cry. It shuts down if the computer is removed from the Baby for more than five minutes. The Baby it records the number of times the head was not properly supported. Students wear a care key on a nonremovable bracelet. No on else can care for the baby. When the Baby is returned, the computer is opened (it has a lock) and the care or lack of care will be available see. 
If do this project... try to think of it as a real baby (your own child)... Many times, a teenager will leave it with someone, who will not take care of it right. Sometimes, the teenager will leave it alone, and let it cry and cry... would you let this happen if it was your own real child?



"More than 300 students, ranging from 8th to 12th grade, have seen demonstrations of our Empathy Belly, and approximately 75 more have actually worn it. Based on their feedback, I believe the Empathy Belly is one of the most effective teaching methods we use at Planned Parenthood. Here are some sample quotes (from the students):" "Thank you for showing me what it's like to be pregnant! I will NEVER get pregnant until I'm ready!" "You've made me think about my future and my consequences about having sex too young and unplanned. I hope others got the same point I did. Thanks!" "I have always wanted to be a teen mom but now I don't" "It really opened my eyes!" Debbie Leone, Education Director Planned Parenthood of Southeast Iowa



People write all the time about what it is like to have their friend pregnant... here's a short quote from a friend of one:

"About a week ago i found out that my friend is going to have a child. We are both freshmans in high school. I have already told her that she will not get an abortion. We tell each other everything. And we have talked about what we would if someone wanted us to have sex with them. I just didnt think this could happpen to her. She told me she didnt mean to hurt evryone. Her dad hasnt said two words to her since she told he tuesday. Her mom understands because she was a pregnant teen. Her mom just hoped she wouldnt make the same mistakes she did. I am going to support her all the way through out this. She has already ask me to be the God Mother! Well of course I said yes! I hope anyone that reads this will think before they have sex. My friend broke up with the dad today. Her life is now falling apart. Unlike her some other teen my not have close friends to help support them. So think before you have sex unsafely. It will change your life FOREVER!"

Source: www.realityworks.com